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Marine & Beach Clean-ups

Protecting & Preserving our coastlines

You can make a difference every day



If you SEE trash, CLEAN it up!

Take that walk around the neighborhood or along the shore with a friend or your family. Our streets and beaches need us to care for them and prevent debris and trash from polluting our waters so marine life can thrive!

Did you know? Plastic bags are one of the most ubiquitous items found in beach cleanups and are notorious for entangling wildlife and being mistaken for food by marine animals.
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Be the teacher, spread the word!
Take a photo, share your experience and let the world know they can do some good for our planet, just like you are!
Let us know - Tag us @fcousteauolc or use the hashtag #FCOLC so we can be a little part of your cleanup experience too!
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Donate to the FCOLC!
If you can't get out, send support from wherever you are! Every donation counts and every dollar goes to restoring a better life for marine environments and protecting our ocean!

In an effort to maintain and restore our shores, the FCOLC hosts beach cleanups around the world, from New York to El Salvador.  

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we collect as much trash and recyclables as possible and keep a detailed record of what we find. In the span of just one morning, our beach cleanups have a lasting impact on the beaches and the volunteers who join us. It’s unfortunate and illuminating for all, as often things end up on our beaches that we don’t anticipate – tires, concrete blocks, and kitchen appliances. 

Expand the program to develop new partnerships with local cities, beaches, volunteers, and organizations  


Increase the number of  volunteers to over 150 and collect ~5000 pieces of trash per event  




During the event, Fabien talked to volunteers and students about the importance of protecting our oceans and underlined that the time is now for all of us to take an active role for ensuring the future of our planet’s oceans. Preserving and protecting our coastal ecosystems is crucial for the health of our shared communities. Debris left on our beaches threatens the health of marine life and water quality. Removing marine debris, while learning about the impact it can have on the environment, empowers community members to be part of the growing number of ocean ambassadors around the world. 

Through these types of partnerships with cities and many volunteers, the FCOLC can continue our mission to keep the beaches clean. If you would like to keep up with our all of our events, follow us on Social Media.

For more information regarding beach cleanups and volunteering, send us an email at

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Ocean Education

The FCOLC works hand in hand with multiple conservation organizations such as: American Littoral Society, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation, Skudin Surf, All Our Energy, Stewards of the Sea, Operation Splash, CoastLove, WeLoveU, and University of Miami’s Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Earth Sciences, among others.


Fabien and the team from the FCOLC have co-hosted International Coastal Clean-Up Days in Long Beach, NY, where the Long Beach Middle School students were tasked with the creation of a special Ocean Art Project made from the debris found along the beach. You can view their projects below.

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