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"People protect what they love, they love what they understand and they understand what they are taught."

Ocean Learning


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Our  Mission

Fabien Cousteau’s Ocean Learning Center is dedicated to protecting and preserving our planet’s waters, coastal areas, and marine habitats by facilitating education, research, collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment.

Through knowledge, programming and innovative technologies, we collaborate with our partners to develop educational initiatives, conservation efforts and marine research projects that will protect the earth’s waters while connecting the world to our ocean.

Image by Gaetano Cessati
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The world’s ocean affects and sustains all life on our planet. Our ocean provides us with numerous resources including much of what we eat, life-saving medicines, and serves as the foundation of global economies. Our ocean, most importantly, is a tremendous source of inspiration and delight for people the world over. And yet we are systematically destroying that which serves as the foundation of our lives and all life on earth.

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