A life-sustaining system under attack from human activity

Fabien and The Ocean Learning Center (FCOLC) have led a number of projects to protect and restore the world’s coral reefs, ultimately saving 15,000 corals over the past few years in Florida, the Caribbean and the Maldives.


The FCOLC will continue this work involving “c-garden” restoration and is currently in the initial stages of implementing the use of 3D technology to restore reefs utilizing organic material.  The program will have an initial focus in Curaçao and then will be brought to other coastal locations globally.

Current restoration practices often involve introducing foreign material such as cement, plastics and rebar into the ecosystem, but the decay of such material poses an additional serious threat to the exact systems they aim to protect. We believe that algae, zooxanthellae, and coral polyps are more likely to adhere to organic materials that resemble natural reefs which will dramatically increase the potential for the reefs to mature and maintain sustainability.


FCOLC will use 3D technology to print coral structures that will serve as a base for transplanting corals from the c-garden nurseries. This innovative process of sculpting and printing coral structures on organic materials will offer new hope for this critical ecosystem.

Your gift will help us reach our $1MM goal and make a difference for our marine ecosystem.

In addition to creating a healthier environment for sea life, education is a core component of the program. The FCOLC will produce educational materials from the discovery and knowledge gained during these projects. The program will also feature video segments for educational and public awareness purposes about the importance of the coral reef as part of our life cycle and ocean conservation.


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