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Our 2022

With Gratitude

In appreciation of all those who contributed to our end of year giving campaigns, from “22 for 2022” to “Adopting a Sea Turtle Nest”, we would like to acknowledge the following donors and friends of the FCOLC!  It is through donations from people like you,  all around the world that we are able to continue our programming as we strive to make everyone more aware of the importance of ocean conservation. Thanks for keeping us in mind as you made your end of year charitable giving.  You will help us work toward accomplishing our mission and making sure we can build on our approach of SEE -LEARN-DO to make that human-ocean connection.

Beverly Aisenbrey
Melinda Armstrong
Courtney and Matt Brady
Gary N. Brown
Joy Chaillou
William Chamberlin
Mark Cofone
Alix Ford
Bryn Greenleaf
Catherine Griffin
Lisa Haile
Jennifer Holmes
Josh Homa
Joan Leavitt
Kerith Lewis
Bernadette Luongo
Darren McClelland
Jeffrey Mora
Eleanor Angone
John Raftery
Clifford Rassweiler
Joseph Richardson
Jeffrey Sobel
Anthony Vattay
Dane Vertefeuille
Kathleen Waterhouse-Skibicki
Lorna Wiggins


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