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Ocean Discovery Pack

Ocean Discovery Pack

The aim of this program is to inspire the students - scientists, educators and learners - to take greater personal responsibility for the Ocean, as well as to enable them to act by sharing ideas and experiences and developing new approaches to saving our Ocean, and ultimately our planet’s health. The Ocean is the great unifier and it is our shared responsibility to educate students and provide knowledge on how to protect our Ocean for future generations.


Available for grades K-8.


Cirriculum Topics Include:


1. Become and Aquanaut (K-2)

      Discovering the mystique of our Ocean


2.  Exploring Sea Turtles (3-5)

      Activating community engagement and education


3. Mission 31 & Beyond (6-8)

     Living and working beneath the sea


If you have any questions or there is an issue with the pack please contact us.


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