A Sweet Spot in Time

The OLC and Fabien Cousteau are teaming with Jonah Bryson in the creation of an eye-opening film, “A Sweet Spot in Time”, which connects two generations with a mission of educating and raising public awareness for today’s environmental issues, showcasing unheard-of creative solutions and motivating the audience to take action.

Hailed as “A Talented Young Voice” by Oscar®-Winning Director Louie Psihoyos and as “The Whiz Kid At The Forefront Of Filmmaking In Service Of The Preservation Of The Planet” by National Geographic’s Scott Wallace, Jonah Bryson is a 16-year-old award-winning film director and musician. Born in 2000 and raised in the south of France, Jonah spent the summers with his family at the Mediterranean Sea, where he fell in love with exploring what the underwater world had to offer. From a very young age, he understood the importance of protecting and embracing the wonderful environments on this planet we call “home”.

Motivated to preserve our natural world, Jonah embarked on a journey of discovery at the age 12, using his passion for entertainment to fight for a better world. Throughout his journeys, Jonah has directed an environmental film released with The Huffington Post, which led him to meet with CNN’s Larry King in New York City.

Growing up on the decks of his famous Grandfather’s ships, Calypso and Alcyone, Fabien Cousteau was destined to work to protect our planet’s immense and endangered marine habitats. Fabien champions the family legacy as the third generation ocean explorer and filmmaker.

“A Sweet Spot in Time” is the awakening journey of a 16-year-old fighting for his generation’s future. In an environmental battle that puts his destiny at risk, director and musician Jonah Bryson has teamed up with world-renowned oceanographic explorer, conservationist and documentary filmmaker Fabien Cousteau to give audiences a new look at this controversial issue while the hour glass is still trickling sand. Seamlessly woven into this true story of the present time, this is an epic and cinematic adventure that reveals the world of 2100, as it will surely be if we fail to respond the environmental challenges already confronting us now. A film that is beyond the standard documentary, “A Sweet Spot in Time” will take the audience on an entertaining, dramatic and hopeful ride aimed at changing the world.

This is a call to action for the people of today to fix the mistakes of humanity’s past and save the future of tomorrow’s children.

If you are interested in becoming an individual/corporate sponsor, please send an email to info@fabiencousteauolc.org.


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